Backyard Haven

Client Brief:
The client requested a planting style to create an elegant, relaxed outdoor entertaining space to be used primarily by adults and to enhance privacy towards the neighbouring properties.

Design Solution:
The planting scheme for this large woodland garden in North Vancouver included a wide variety of plants, providing year-round interest. Perennials planted in drifts offer bold foliage and bright blooms, add texture and movement to the garden, and lead the visitors’ eyes along the main gravel path, inviting them to explore the garden. Boxwood and evergreen azalea hedges establish structure reinforcing the hardscape layout, while woodland favourites like rhododendrons and hydrangeas provide screening as well as floral accents. A lower canopy of medium and small ornamental trees add interest and establish a human scale in the landscape, so that the existing large native conifers do not overwhelm the garden. The colour scheme for the planting consists primarily of different tonalities of green that provide the garden’s backbone, with pink for accent, and high contrast between the chartreuse and maroon foliage adding excitement to the garden.  

Locale: North Vancouver

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