Contemporary Entryway Garden

Client Brief:
The clients requested a remodel of their home’s entry area, with a preference for simplicity and clarity of forms, emphasizing shape and texture over floral display. The design also needed to correct the instability of the existing walkway sub-grade and the non-functioning drainage.

Design Solution:
The asymmetric composition of the new entryway and simplicity of planting connect the modernist characteristics of the house with the more traditional character of the surrounding garden. The geometric arrangement of rectilinear forms in the entryway is reminiscent of Mondrian’s modernist compositions. Generously proportioned granite platforms and architectural concrete slabs with a sandblasted finish are positioned to create an inviting contemporary garden. A stone basin serves as the focal point for the area and also acts as a drain for the rain-chain, transforming into a water feature during the rainy season. To draw attention to the feature stone, the walkway narrows next to it, slowing the walking pace. The planting surrounding the basin is arranged in a spiral to echo water swirling down the rain chain into the stone basin. River rocks create a dry water-rill and act as “mulch”, suppressing weeds and concealing the directional lights that illuminate the pathway.

Locale: Locarno Beach, Vancouver

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