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A well-designed garden is an asset, enhancing your property and

providing enjoyment for the years to come

We start the garden design process with an on-site visit to determine your requirements and to analyze your site, its good and bad points plus its potential. Special attention is given to its position in relation to its surroundings. For example, can views be framed and the landscape "borrowed", or should the emphasis be on seclusion with the interest maintained within the garden?

Once we have completed the research stage of the project, we develop the Preliminary Design Plans . These plans show the general layout of the garden, locations for all proposed site elements (and existing site features that are to remain) such as walkways, water features, patios, fences, and planting. 
After developing the Preliminary Design Plans, we will schedule a review meeting. We will present you with the plans, explaining our ideas and how we have put them together. After the review meeting we will refine our concepts to address any concerns you may have.

We will refine one of the alternative Preliminary Design Plans or use a combination of the two concepts to establish the final Master Plan depicting the aesthetic design of your garden. We will fine-tune all the detailed elements that make up your garden.

©2020 by Klavdi Kukovic

©2020 by Klavdi Kukovic

landscape hardscape layout design plan
landscape planting design plan

Other Deliverables

Depending on the complexity of your garden, the Design Package may also include:

  • Layout Plan – precise measurements of all areas, and distances

  • Planting Plan – quantity, variety, size, and location of all plants

  • Paving Plan – materials and patterns

  • Landscape Lighting Plan - specifying types of outdoor lighting fixtures and their positions 

  • Detail Drawings – for custom-made fences, gates, structures, walls, stairs, etc.

  • Maintenance Program

Landscape Construction Details
landscape Hardscape design Details

3-D Design

Envisioning a design based on a 2-D plan can be difficult. We use 3-D designs to help you get a feel for your future garden. 3-D representations allow you to virtually walk through your garden before approving any specifications. Having a clear understanding of your project before construction begins is the best method to significantly reduce unnecessary changes, saving you time and money. 3-D representation is also invaluable when you need to rally the support of neighbours to receive approval from your Strata Council for your new patio garden.

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